I rescued this puppy when she was 4 weeks old, as a friend of mine found her in the Promenade mall parking all alone. I fell in love with her, and name her Nahla. Unfortunately, being a working college student, I have come to find that I do not have the appropriate amount of time in my schedule to give her all of the love and attention she needs as a growing puppy. She has a huge personality! Very energetic, fun, loving, and snuggly when its time to be. She loves to run around and play fetch, so I am hoping to find an owner that may have a backyard for her to run around in as she LOVES doing that at my parents house. She also does very well with other dogs, even the ones bigger than her! She is dewormed and potty trained. I hope to find someone that falls in love with her just as much as I did. :)